How the rental works

Our system is easily installed on most DCI DLP Digital cinema projectors.  Once configured, it can be plugged in and used in any screen.

First, decide when and where you need 3D – call us and make a booking.  We’ll need a few basic details
- the size of the theatre
- the type of projector you have
- the number of seats and if not the same, the number of glasses you want

If you have never run 3D before, we’ll need to configure your projector. This is a matter of building both scope and flat formats on the spare format buttons on your TI DLP projector.  We recommend that your usual service provider does this, or you can do this in house as long as you have the apt projector permissions.   We an also arrange for one of our engineers to call and do this , however it is worth checking with your equipment provider as their service agreements may dictate who is able to do this. 

We’ll send you up some cables in advance, which will need running from the projector into the theatre – we’ll help you decide where to locate these. In some small theatres this wont be necessary.  Before your first screening, the gear will arrive.  Set this up as follows

Emitters – site these in the theatre, to give good sightlines to every corner of the theatre.
Encoder box – plug this in to the 37PD connector, either on the side or inside the base of the projector. 
Test run – load the glasses logo, select 3D on both your server and your projector and you are running !  It’s as simple as that – don’t forget however to tell your film booker to book a 3D print.

You are free to do what you like with the gear whilst in your possession – move it between screens, run extra shows – your option as long as it stays on the same site.  You need to advise us of your desire to “hold over” the gear on the Monday afternoon of the booking – this helps us know what gear we have available for the following week – you can return all the gear, return some of the glasses or hold on to it for as long a you like (providing the gear is not pre booked elsewhere – we will let you know about this if relevant when you book) . It is important to let us know on the Monday what you require for the following week as we’re unable to accept glasses or kits back without this notice so failure to notify us will result in an extra week’s rental being charged. Each week gets cheaper too thanks to our sliding scale rental.  If you choose to return the gear, our courier will pick the gear up sometime on the Friday after your booking or in crossover cases late Thursday night – as with delivery, we use our own couriers and there is no charge for this service. 

For your next booking, you don’t need an engineer to call, simply plug the gear in and away you go !  It’s that simple - installation or transferring between screens is a matter of minutes.

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