Can it be installed on any projectors ?
Our system is compatible with any TI based DLP cinema projector – Christie, NEC, Barco, Kinoton, Cinemecannica.  It is not compatible with Sony D cinema projectors, nor non-DCI approved machines at this stage.

How do the glasses get cleaned ?
We reccomend a quick wipe wiht antibacterial wipes, followed if needed by a light wipe with a lint free cloth dampened with water based window cleaner. Takes seconds

Can it be used in really large or small theatres ?
YES – we’ve done venues from 30 to 3800 seats, indeed even the massive Hammersmith Apollo has used our systems.  We simply add more emitters as the venue dictates.

The glasses have batteries – who changes these ?
We do !  In the unlikely event of a pair of glasses failing, ring us and we will either credit or despatch another set.

What if it fails ?
We have never had a processor failure, however on rare occasions one or two sets glasses do fail.  We offer a full credit for the glasses in this case- simply call or email us as soon as the failure is noted, quoting the serial number of the glasses – we will either replace the glasses or credit the rental.  Please mark the glasses as “faulty” before returning.

Can I move it between screens ?
Absolutely – you’ll need the projector pre configured (by either ourselves or your normal service company), otherwise it is a siomple matter of moving the controller and emitters

Can I move it between sites ?
Yes, however this is treated as a new rental unless negotiated in advance

How easy / quick is it to install ?
Installation is quick and easy

  1. Prior to our arrival, build or have build a set of 3D formats on the projector.  We can do this, your service cmplany can do this or in some cases your maintainence agreement will dictate your equipment provided does this
  2. Site the emitters in the theatre- stands and cables are provided-  run these cables back to the projection room
  3. Plug the controller into the projector, plufg the emitters into the controller
  4. Run the show !
    Typical first-time set up is an hour or two, subsequent installs take less than an hour

Can I do the initial setup myself ?
Yes – however you will need technician rights to the projector configuration.  We can help with this

Do I need a special screen ?
No – Active 3D works on ANY cinema screen

Do I need to upgrade my xenon lamp ?
All 3D systems lose some light, however Active Glasses lose less than other systems.  We recommend increasing your light output a little, but no, you don’t need to upgrade your lamp or lamphouse

What happens when glasses get lost or stolen ?
We recommend that each show, attendants farewell the audience and request the return of the glasses – sort of a “no glasses, no exit” policy.  By doing this, the loss of glasses is almost negligable – we have done some rentals whereby over three or four weeks the site lost no glasses at all.  However sooner or later somebody will lose a pair, or maybe the kids will jump on them. In this case, we reccomend that you take out our insurance - see costings for details - otherwise the cinema is liable for any loss or damage

Can the glasses be used on home 3DTVs ?
No, these glasses are dedicated to cinema use.

Can we buy the system ?
YES !  Our parent company, Future Projections, will be happy to talk to you about XPanD and other Digital 3D systems

Will it work in 35mm cinemas ?
No, the system works on DCI compliant Dgital cinemas opnly

Can I return some of the glasses to reduce my costs ?
Yes. You need to advise us on the Monday of the last week you intend to rent them, and we need them back before the next rental week (Friday – Thursday) starts

How much is delivery ?
FREE ! - however if you would like an engineer to help set the system up we are happy to quote for this too

Do I need to get a special DCP (Digital cinema print) for 3D ?
Yes, let your booker know that you are running XpanD 3d – you need a 3D DCP however you do NOT need a “ghostbusted” print

Do I need to book the system in advance ?
Very much so – our systems are in greatest demand during the school holiodays and in the first thrtee weeks of erwlease of a big 3D film

Tips for getting the glasses back
Active 3D glasses bring with them a new factor in cinema managemtent – retrieving the glasses at the end of the show.  We strongly recommend screening the 3D “return your glasses” trailer at the beginning of the programme – this clearly advises the client that the glasses need to be returned.  However the key to getting the glasses back is controlling the exit of the cinema – once this is done effectively, most of our clients experience few if any glasses losses.  Tips;

  • signpost any fire exits “Door alarmed”
  • control the theatre so that there is only one point of exit
  • position an attendant at the exit BEFORE the credits roll
  • insist on a pair of glasses from each customer
  • if the client says “I’ve left them on the seat” suggest that the client returns and gets them  - softly enforcing the “no glasses, no exit” poliy
  • allow only one pair of glasses ot be held in the projection room – these are easily forgotten

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