Rentme3D offers cost effective, reliable active glasses technology to Digital cinemas not otherwise equipped with 3D.  Our glasses and emitters are easy to install, fit any Barco, Christie, NEC, Kinoton or Cinemecannica D-cinema projector and produce the most realistic, vibrant 3D images available.  The technology is completely different to the semi disposable systems used by others, it requires no special screen, no bolt-on devices  to the projector or projection room and the glasses are easily collected, cleaned and reissued.

Our business model allows you to benefit, not only from the 3D surcharge (typically £1.50 to £2 per head) but from the massive increase in business. 

For commercial and screening rooms, we levy a flat rate charge per week (reducing drastically in weeks 2 – 6) for the emitter and system, a low  “per glasses ” charge and offer optional insurance to protect you against loss or damage of the glasses.  Our minimum rental is one week.

Installation couldn’t be simpler – following a one-off setting up of a format file in the projector (usually done by your normal D cinema service provider although we can arrange for this if needed), the emitters are installed on stands in the cinema and the controller plugged into the projector – that’s it !  The hardest part is working out how to run the cables from the projection room to the emitters.  In the case of troubles, we offer a support line as well as full and detailed instructions and troubleshooting sheets.  The system can even be moved between screens as demand dictates.

Delivery is free, and if required we can send one of our engineers out to do the entire set up for you (call for a quote on this).

All our gear is flight cased and serviced before every rental – delivery and pick are free too.  At the end of the run, simply count the glasses, pack them away in their custom flight cases and await our courier.  We’ll check the units on return, and upon receipt of your box office summary for the week we invoice the admit charge and any losses in arrears. 

Booking is simple – call us now or email us at any time, telling us your proposed dates, the size of your theatre and the number of glasses you need.  Bring 3D to your cinema now –

  1. no capital outlay
  2. no special screen
  3. no risk
  4. 3D surcharge pays for the rental

3D systems for corporate and alternative content are coming ! Email us for details

Rentme3D is owned and operated by Future Projections Ltd.  We also sell Digital and Film projection and 3D systems of all descriptions – give us a call ..

“3d films tend to yield between 3 and 5 x the business that 2d does, even more where the film in question has been heavily advertised in 3D”

“We’d normally get around 80 – 120  people in for the 6pm show on a Saturday, at £6 a head. Tonight we got 480 people at £8 per head”

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