3D doesn’t work at all, anywhere
Check that a 3D DCP is being screened – you should see some double imaging on screen. 
  1. Try another pair of glasses
  2. Try turning the local emitter (in the projection room) on.  If this works then the problem is with the emitters or cabling in the theatre
  3. Check the “Frame Sync from projector” led on the distribution unit. This should be flashing – if not check your projector macro and connection

Glasses are flashing on and off slowly by themselves
The batteries are getting low – give us a call and we will send a new set of glasses

Some glasses don’t work anywhere in the theatre
Sounds like the glasses may be faulty – give us a call

Glasses appear to be blotchy
This is fairly normal – light pink and green areas often appear after a period of non use. This doesn’t normally affect operation

Glasses are cracked
The glasses are pretty durable but no item will resist the most determined vandal.  Loss or damage like this is covered by your 2% insurance (if taken)

Help with glasses for kids
We can supply reduced size arms and nose pieces for small children, however in practice our clients find this more of a problem (running the second inventory) than not, and losses are usually high.  Most kids over 5 are OK with the standard glasses

Some parts of the theatre aren’t covered
Possible causes are insufficient coverage or insufficient emitters.  Make sure

  1. all emitters are working (unplug one at a time to check)
  2. all emitters are at high level and have line of sight to every seat

Each emitter should cover 150 seats, approximately 10 to 15 rows deep and 20 seats wide.  For some theatres, it is a good idea to install one at the front and one at the back, bouncing the signal off the screen.

3D appears in reverse
Apply the REVERSE setting in the macro or on the distributor

A few customers cant see the 3D effect
First thing to do here is offer them another set of glasses and make sure where they are sitting is covered.  However in practice, around 5% of the population have a reduced perspective of depth and this 5% will find it harder or impossible to experience the 3D effect.  Needless to say, folk with one eye either disabled or diminished will fall into this category.  However we sometimes receive  complaints about a poor 3D effect in certain films.  This can be the directors intent – to use the 3D as a tool rather than an effect or gimmick.  A simple test is to remove the glasses – if you see a ghosting that is not visible with the glasses on, 3D is working.

The image is a vibrant green and pink
The projector is running in the wrong colourspace – or there is 2D content on a 3D show.  Check your macro selection, 3d addressing of non-3d content and your projector set up.

Image in 3D is blue and yellow – reds are hard to see
Incorrect pdf file is installed on the projector – should be CxCyz


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