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3D audiences aren’t regular audiences, and demand is not linear across the year.   3D tends to still be tied to blockbuster films, meaning that demand is not flat – in school holidays, for instance, you may want 3D in your two largest screens, even moving to a smaller screen at night, whereas in term time in a quiet week you may have no need for 3D at all.

Buying a static 3D system can result in either unsold seats or unused systems - renting 3D puts the system where you want it, when you want it , and without tying up your capital.   By renting rather than buying, you can tie the “3D” tag to the film rather than the screen – no longer will you have to hold a 3D film in a large screen just because that is where the 3D hardware is.  No more expensive projector modifications, no need for costly and fragile silver screens – how you can have 3D in any Digital screen and only pay for it when your customer pays you.

For multi (digital) screen venues, renting gives you the flexibility to put the 3D film in the theatre that suits the audience numbers, not the theatre where the technology happens to be concreted in.  For non 3D venues, running a “one off” 3D attraction or a 3D weekend an open up your venue to audiences long since forgotten. 

With 3DTV arriving in the home, customers will expect the same standard of active, durable glasses that they have in their living room or on their PC.  By renting our active 3D system, you can deliver this quality.

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